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Triumph Triaction SS21

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Triaction from Triumph gives women of all sizes the freedom to train by creating sports bras and coordinating pieces in a breadth of sizes, enabling them to feel confident and supported, as well as stylish, while exercising. The range of fashionable, trusted and innovative sports bras have been created for two types of active women, whether they be Core or Cardio focused.

Sian Thomas, Global Head of Creative Design at Triumph, comments: “This season, we have taken inspiration from the explorer spirit of Triumph, as well as the revolutionary German Botanist, Explorer, Illustrator and Mother, Maria Sibylla Merian. The exotic floral palm prints that you can see on our leggings and straps on our sports bras, in green and orange, clash to give that bold and intentional ‘worn to be seen’ look.”

New for SS21 is the addition of two seasonal colours to the bestselling Dynamic Lite concept, including Mystic Sea and a sporty, vibrant Paprika. The Dynamic Lite range offers extreme support without the bulk, thanks to the 3D Powertech innovation, made up of three layers of bounce control for extreme support, versatility and lightness. As part of this concept, the non-wired Extreme Lite bra returns in a brand new cut out design, with three layers of 3D power tech providing effective bounce control, ergonomic straps to enhance performance and Stay Dry technology.

The range also features the Hybrid Lite, a padded bra that naturally contours curves without adding volume. The special, adjustable 3D power straps and three layers of anti-bounce control ensure workout comfort without interruption, while Triumph’s innovative concept Triaction Cardio Cloud offers the ultimate lightness and extreme support thanks to Cloud-tech innovation – a combination of lighter spaces, breathable fabrics and soft workmanship. The quick dry fabrics and reduced number of seams contribute to superior comfort, providing that extra confidence boost that every woman looks for in a sports bra.

Launching this season is the new cropped Ready to Wear 7/8 leggings, designed to help fitness lovers achieve perfect form in their workouts. With performance fabrics and available in Grey and matching Mystic Sea, these leggings will stay dry, letting the skin breathe, and also have a reflective motif for night-time workouts as well as inner pockets to hold workout essentials.

Last but not least, Triumph’s Triaction Energy Lite range prides itself on offering extreme support for a workout thanks to second skin technology and spacer construction for softness and support. The Energy Lite bra, which boasts adjustable straps for the perfect fit, is available in both non-wired and wired, padded versions and is fully breathable, offering natural shaping and contouring, whilst ensuring full support with its 3D moulded cups. Furthermore, new for this season is the is the addition of crossable straps, allowing women to style and customise their workout wear

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