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Triumph’s Fit Smart Bra launches as 7 in 10 European women reveal their breast size changes over time

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They come in all different shapes and sizes – big, small, pointy, round, full, flat, top heavy, tear drop; the list goes on… and yes, we are talking about women’s breasts! As a result, women have been searching for lingerie to match their own unique shape and size for hundreds of years. However, new research out today reveals that our size doesn’t just change from woman to woman, but each woman’s own breast size changes too. With 7 in 10 women stating that their size can change over the week, month and year, Triumph has launched the new smart bra with innovation that will intelligently adapt to every body at every stage.

The Fit Smart bra is the first product to be released from Triumph’s new Design For Life range and has been developed by the lingerie experts to adapt to changes and movements in a woman’s body, no matter what time of the day, month or year it is. Triumph, who has been creating beautifully fitting lingerie since 1886, created the Fit Smart bra so that it matches its shape to women’s unique bodies – so if hormones are making boobs bulge, or if a woman’s weight fluctuates throughout the month then this bra will support them every step of the way.

The bra features simple and adaptable sizing, offering a modern alternative to traditional bra sizing and offering four simple sizes that will fit around 40 combinations of sizes. This is made possible through 4D engineered stretch lace and 4D stretch foam cup, alongside intelligent inner construction, which results in a flexible supportive fit catering for breast shape, as well as size. The non-wired bra also features elastic supportive straps with full adjustability and an increased 4-hook fastening, for ultimate adaptability – taking women from the morning rush to a night out and everything in between.

Sian Thomas, Global Head of Creative Design at Triumph International says: “At Triumph we aim to understand the constant changes in women’s lives – the Fit Smart bra really caters for this. We spent a lot of time talking to our customers and other women across the world to understand what they demand from their lingerie – from that feedback, this bra was designed to fit each woman’s female form, as well as to fit their ever-busy ever-changing lifestyles. We wanted to offer a new bra that was beautiful but also functional to ensure upmost comfort and confidence.”

The Design For Life by Triumph with the new Fit Smart bra launches will be available in Triumph Stores across Europe, selected UK department stores (John Lewis, House of Fraser & Debenhams) and on uk.tTriumph.com  from March 2020. The Fit Smart bra comes in four shades for launch: black, beige, light blue and terracotta to complement all skin tones, wardrobes and occasions.

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