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by Underlines

Ukrainian lingerie brand Zhilyova Lingerie is thrilled to unveil the ἀποκάλυψις collection, inspired by women’s strength and energy. The drop includes the brand’s bestsellers “Ocean” and “Kira”, a silk dress ”Omega”, and new bodysuits, stockings, and harnesses, as well as two pieces of evening wear.

At the heart of the capsule collection is an abstract digital print that reflects the free spirit and inner strength, with reference to cosmic and primordial motifs. It introduces a brand new interstellar colour palette of alpha red, space green and mystery blue, embodying the freedom of movement and self-expression.

Inspired by a global community of talented, creative women who transcend traditional boundaries, Zhilyova Lingerie embodies a fundamental freedom: the freedom from conventions and rules. The brand is focused on technology and inclusiveness in all its forms by combining design and craft together. The ἀποκάλυψις is presented in alien inspired campaign, shoot by Stephan Lisowski with model Sonya Mohovaya.

During the shoot by photographer Stephan Lisowski, model and dancer Sonya Mohova retains her individuality, bringing disobedience to every shot. “In dance, I feel unchained from the existing system, and I’m happy I can transmit it. The ability to do what makes me happy is my freedom,” she said.

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