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F1-Generation launches socks label inspired by famous works of art

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F1-Generation’s own brand, MuseARTa, offers socks made in collaboration with museums all over the world and aims to integrate important works of art as part of our wardrobe, without trivialising the art. The socks are produced with special machines, which have 200 needles, so that the designs can be knitted with as many details as possible. If designs are very wide they are distributed on both legs, so that the front and back of the two legs form a complete work of art, enabling an incomparable level of detail.

“MuseARTa is one of the largest collections of art on textiles,” says Andreas Hüttenhölscher, founder and managing director of F1-Generation GmbH. “We create favorite pieces that you can wear for a lifetime and are therefore the absolute opposite of fast fashion! In addition to the ever-changing textile industry, we wanted to create something long-lasting that would not only help the museums but also support the artists, whose licenses we have acquired. We also give great importance to being represented only by the best dealers worldwide and not to offer discounted goods, because all those involved in the project should be paid fairly.”

Each sock is knitted with 260 loops, so that 52,000 pixels per leg have to be defined – for two different socks, a total of 104,000 pixels for which the yarn colour is defined from a collection of over 300 colours. If the colour required for a work of art is not available, it will be specially dyed according to the team’s specifications. The socks have an extremely high cotton content and are manufactured in Italy, India and Taiwan, with each production site BSCI-certified and meeting the highest social standards.

MuseARTa also wants to awaken the love of art in children and therefore brings child-friendly designs, such as the ‘Young Hare’ by Albrecht Dürer or the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci, on baby and children’s socks. As babies cannot yet look down onto the side of their legs, the design on baby socks and tights is on the front of the foot. Last but not least, MuseARTa offers beach and guest towels made of 100% cotton and produced in a particularly luxurious 400 GSM velour version in various sizes. The collection is rounded off by tea towels, which are woven in Egypt in a 100% cotton quality.

Three months after the launch the products are already available in twelve countries and new retailers are added daily. The products can be found in the Prado Madrid, Louvre Paris, Tate Modern London, Beethoven Haus Bonn, Von Heydt Museum Wuppertal, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Kunstkaufhaus Dussmann Berlin, Ludwig Beck Munich, El Corte Inglés Spain as well as in the Albertina Museum Vienna, Kunsthaus Zurich or Kunstmuseum Basel and of course in the online store www.musearta.com.

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