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Your guide to using shapewear

by Underlines

Shapewear can offer a lot of benefits for the wearer. For many, the main benefit is that it offers a slimming or shaping look. Along with that, it can also open up more wardrobe options or make it so different pieces look better when you wear them. Depending on the piece, it can even be used as comfortable women’s loungewear. 

While shapewear can be essential for many women, it can be difficult to know which pieces to get or how to use it with different outfits. In this post, you will learn about selecting the right shapewear and how it can work for different occasions.

Pick the Right Shapewear for Your Body

The first thing to consider is your body type. So many women make the mistake of buying shapewear that doesn’t work well for their body. Shapewear should enhance your natural curves or offer a smoothing effect. Wearing shapewear that is too tight can create an unflattering look and it could even contribute to health issues.

Consider the natural shape of your body and think about what you want the shapewear to do. Are you trying to create curves or minimize them? How can shapewear be used to create a more balanced look? What parts of your body are you trying to shape? When you account for your body type and answer these questions, it will be easier to find the right pieces and the level of compression you need.

Shapewear for the Occasion

Once you understand how shapewear can work with your body, you then need to consider how you can use it with different outfits. For some outfits, you might want more sculpting and for others, you might need shapewear that offers smoothing. Consider whether you are wearing an outfit that hugs the body or something that is a little looser. For looser clothes, you want to think about how shapewear can help the pieces flow over your body.

Another consideration is what you are going to be doing in the shapewear and where you are going. If it is hot, you might want to consider lighter fabrics or shapewear made from breathable fabrics. Additionally, you want to stick with pieces that will be comfortable for the activity. Different types of shapewear will work well for different types of occasions.

Everyday Shapewear

Depending on your needs, you could benefit from a variety of shapewear pieces. With that said, there are a few pieces that offer a lot of versatility and they can be great for everyday use. Slimming panties can be good for shaping your midsection and your butt. A shapewear camisole can work well for giving your torso a smoother look. A mid-thigh shaper can be good for creating a smoother, slimmer look for your thighs and butt. A waist trainer is another piece that can get a lot of use with many different outfits.

Shapewear for Special Occasions

Finding the right shapewear for special occasions can be difficult. Selecting the right pieces will mostly depend on the outfit you are wearing. Some of the above-mentioned everyday pieces might work well for some occasions, but you might need to buy some shapewear just for certain outfits. A shapewear slip can be one piece that might be perfect for enhancing the look of some of your dresses. A bodysuit shaper can provide seamless shaping for your upper body if you are wearing something that fits tight to your body. 

If you take the time to find the right shapewear, it can do a lot to make different outfits look better. Different looks might require different pieces of shapewear, but the most important factors to consider are your body type and the ways different pieces of clothing are going to fit to your body. Once you understand how those two points work together, it will be much easier to achieve the result you want.

Guest article written by Yummie Shapewear.

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