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FALKE Legwear Spring/Summer 2021

by Underlines

Recycling instead of throwing away, paper instead of plastic, organic instead of conventional, vertical instead of horizontal – the idea of sustainability is omnipresent to stop the human-induced pollution of nature. That is why FALKE launches the Power of Nature collection, an homage to Mother Nature, made from ecologically materials that flatter the body. In addition to the increased use of sustainable yarns, FALKE also focuses on natural tones and patterns inspired by nature. The collection is led by various shades of green, beige and brown and rounded off by highlight shades such as sunny yellow, berry red and snow white.

Fine legwear highlights include Danty Daisy, available in a summery yellow, the perfect companion for a romantic outfit; Berry Trim, a feminine lace-look inspired by wild berry bushes; Ophelia, with a discreet allover pattern inspired by water lilies. Some of the knit leg wear highlights include Plant Harmony, in a light ajour-pattern reminiscent of cacti, combined with the modern quarter length to give the style a sporty elegance; Aesthetic Wave, a sporty eye-catcher in a cool sneaker length and with a casual wave pattern; and Willowy with an asymmetrical arrangement of flower tendrils in four delicate colours.

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