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ISpy! TALA Activewear

by Underlines

Founded in May 2019 by fitness influencer and entrepreneur Grace Beverley, TALA is a sustainable, high performance athleisure and activewear brand offering affordable, on-trend pieces for all women. Created from recycled plastic bottles and factory offcuts, TALA offers complete transparency about every aspect of the supply chain and sustainability of each item. The brand aims to create products which are made from 100% upcycled materials – they are 92% of the way there, and continue to make every effort to ensure all areas of TALA are eco-friendly.

Their packaging and product labels are all 100% recycled and recyclable and can be planted or composted. Items are not only sleek, fashionable and fulfil the demands of customers but they also lessen the fashion footprint as they are all created on-site, in Portugal. Another key value of TALA is inclusivity and showcasing real women’s body types which is reflected through their models and policy against retouching.

The TALA collection is made up of several ranges including CORE, REC, CORE COLOURS and ECHO all of which offer quality pieces in a choice of colour palettes. Bestsellers by TALA include the Zinnia legging (£40.00), the Hosta shorts (£28.00) and Zahara bra (£30.00).

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