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Honey Birdette unveils steamy Halloween video

by Underlines

Sex swings, stiletto spurs, collars, fox masks, rose gold leads, lacquered dragon prints, and SPANK ME cream are some of the things featured in Honey Birdette‘s latest Halloween video – Hell Raiser. The brand’s founder, Eloise Monaghan, said that with Halloween approaching it was time to raise the ‘shock and awe bar’ and to pay homage to its cult fans with a massive pop of provocation.

“We started curating this collection last October after moving the brand to the USA. It was cool to see how bold and decadent Halloween was in the Northern Hemisphere. We sat in design rooms for weeks and unshackled ourselves, setting out to create twelve of the hottest and most sinister collections the world has seen. It features luxe laces, latex and leathers and will start from £29.95 for the Spanking Cream to £1,050  for The Swing,” said Monaghan.

“The Swing is our most expensive piece yet and the first of its kind in the world. It’s more like a work of art but also completely sex functional. We discovered seven different positions to use it in, but I would love to hear of more,” she added. After leaking some design footage of The Swing on Instagram the brand was contacted by several celebrity stylists to have it installed as a feature piece in many Hollywood homes.

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